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What Should You Know If You’ve Been Injured In A South Dakota Motorcycle Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in South Dakota, odds are that you have many questions. But, finding reliable information can be a challenge. That’s why our motorcycle accident attorneys at Northern Plains Justice, LLP, compiled the list below of frequently asked questions. They realize that you want answers now, and they want to help.

They also strongly encourage you to contact us right away. Every accident is unique; so are our lawyers’ solutions. The sooner they can get started on your case, the sooner they can begin gathering the evidence you need to build a strong legal case. Put your trust in our team.

Whether you’re dealing with an intersection accident in Sioux Falls or a serious rear-end motorcycle accident in Sturgis, schedule your free case evaluation with our lawyers right now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

Should I call the police if my motorcycle accident seems minor?

Yes. This is especially important if your motorcycle crash was caused by another driver. In many cases, drivers deny doing anything wrong. As a result, many law-abiding motorcyclists end up getting blamed for accidents caused by someone else’s reckless behavior. Having a police officer investigate the accident often cuts down on confusion. The investigating officer will create an official accident report, which is an important piece of evidence that insurance companies will use when determining whether they should compensate accident victims and how much to offer.

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Should I seek medical attention if I feel fine after my motorcycle accident?

Yes. If you don’t seek medical attention, two things could happen:

  • Your health could be at risk because of a severe, life-threatening injury.
  • Your accident claim could be denied because of the lack of evidence.

Insurance companies often look for any excuse to deny motorcycle accident claims. And, if you don’t have a medical record of your injuries, many insurance companies will argue that you were not seriously injured in your crash. That’s why it’s important to have an EMT, emergency room doctor or your own physician evaluate you as soon as possible after your accident.

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Who investigates South Dakota motorcycle accidents?

Depending on where your accident took place, a local police officer or a state trooper for the South Dakota Highway Patrol will likely investigate your accident. State troopers investigate accidents on interstate highways such as I-90 and I-29. But it’s important to remember that police officers do not work for you. Their primary focus is on determining why your accident took place, not on whether you’re fairly compensated for your crash. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced attorney working for you and conducting an independent investigation into your accident. That way, your best interests will not be overlooked.

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What should I do if another driver claims that I caused my motorcycle accident?

If the other driver claims that you’re at fault for the crash, first contact the police and then contact us. You want the police at your motorcycle accident. They can investigate your crash and create an accident report. But there’s no guarantee that the police will get everything right. That’s why it’s critical that you contact us as well. One of our lawyers can conduct an independent investigation into your accident. They know what questions to ask and what evidence to look for when building a strong legal case. That’s because they have decades of experience handling such complicated crashes.

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Should I call my insurance company after my motorcycle accident?

Yes. However, our team recommends keeping your comments to a minimum. Anything you say to an insurance company – even your own insurance company – could potentially be used to reduce or deny your accident claim, depending on the circumstances of your accident. That’s why it always pays to be cautious. Contact us as soon as possible as well. Our attorneys can deal directly with the insurance company so that you can focus on what really matters – your recovery.

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Should I talk to the other driver’s insurance company after my motorcycle crash?

It is in your best interests to talk to a lawyer before speaking with the adverse insurance company because anything you say can be used by it to deny your accident claim. That’s often why insurance companies will contact you or other accident victims. They’re looking for any piece of information that they can use to avoid having to pay for your accident-related expenses.

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Should I accept a settlement offer for my motorcycle accident?

Always carefully consider any settlement offer before you agree to accept it for your motorcycle accident. Often, insurance companies will make a settlement offer soon after an accident, but such offers rarely cover all accident-related expenses. And, once you agree to accept such an offer, you forfeit your right to ask for additional compensation in the future. As a result, you could end up paying thousands of dollars of your own money to cover future expenses for an accident caused by another driver.

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Can I negotiate for more compensation after my motorcycle accident?

Yes. In most cases you can – and should – ask for additional compensation after your motorcycle crash. You do not have to accept an insurance company’s first settlement offer, no matter what the insurance company tells you. Motorcycle accidents can be very costly, but the bottom line is that you should not have to pay for other people’s mistakes. That’s why our lawyers want to meet with you. They can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. They understand how the system works, and they’re not afraid to take on insurance companies.

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How much is my motorcycle accident worth?

Every motorcycle accident is unique. That’s why the value of each crash can vary significantly from one accident to another. Some motorcycle crashes are worth thousands of dollars. Others may be worth millions. That’s because you need to factor in every accident-related expense, not just the expenses accrued immediately after your crash. Such expenses can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Lost future income
  • Repair or replacement of your motorcycle
  • Home health care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

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Should I file a motorcycle accident lawsuit?

Perhaps. Sometimes, the best way to get the money you deserve for your motorcycle accident is to file a lawsuit against the other driver’s insurance company or whoever caused your crash. But taking legal action after your motorcycle accident isn’t the only way to get the money you rightfully deserve. That’s why it’s critical that you contact us. Our attorneys can discuss all the legal options available to you and help you decide the best course of action.

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Should I hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in South Dakota if I’m hurt in Sturgis?

Yes. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Sturgis, it’s always smart to hire an attorney in South Dakota to handle your crash. Even if you’re from another state, it’s important that you have an attorney who understands how the legal system works in this state. Our lawyers have decades of experience handling complex cases throughout the state, including accidents involving Sturgis Motorcycle Rally injuries.

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Why should I hire the team at Northern Plains Justice, LLP, for my motorcycle accident?

Experience matters. So does reputation. That’s why motorcycle accident victims throughout South Dakota regularly rely on us to make sure that they receive the money they rightfully deserve for their crash. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have decades of experience handling some of the most serious motorcycle accidents in the state, and they have the case results to prove it.

Our attorneys limit the number of cases they handle. We are selective about the clients we choose to represent. This smaller caseload allows us can provide the attentive advocacy our clients deserve. Find out what we can do for you. Contact us in Sioux Falls right now to schedule your free case evaluation.

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