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On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | Car Accidents

Our South Dakota Injury Attorneys Can Help With Ride Share Claims

Located in Sioux Falls and serving people injured in accidents throughout South Dakota, our law firm has a well-earned reputation throughout the state for being dedicated, driven, detail-oriented attorneys who work hard to deliver top-notch results. We know how the legal system works when it comes to ridesharing accidents and we’re prepared to mount the strongest possible legal defense on your behalf. You can count on us.

How did your ridesharing accident happen?

Motor vehicle accidents caused by ridesharing drivers (whether they work for Lyft, Uber, Carma or another ridesharing company) happen for many different reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding drivers

  • Distracted drivers

  • Texting drivers

  • Sleeping drivers

  • Drunk drivers

Whatever the cause of your crash, no matter how straightforward or complicated your collision might seem, we know how to find the facts that matter to build a legal case designed to win. That’s why we have such a strong track record of success.

Legal issues to consider after your ridesharing crash

What many people might not realize is different laws and rules and regulations apply to car accidents involving ridesharing drivers. That’s why it’s important to have a knowledgeable legal team working for you that knows the law and knows how to navigate their way through complex cases. Issues that can significantly impact the outcome of your case include:

  • Was the ridesharing driver transporting a passenger at the time of the accident?
  • Was the ridesharing app on when the driver caused your collision?
  • Was the driver on his or her way to pick up a passenger when the crash happened?
  • Were you a passenger in the ridesharing car at the time of the crash?
  • Was the ridesharing driver off duty?

The approach we take towards your case will also be different depending on whether you were a passenger in the ridesharing vehicle, driving your own vehicle or if you were a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist. We’re here for you when it matters most after your crash.

Count on our Sioux Falls ridesharing accident attorneys after your crash

You can expect several different things to happen after your accident caused by a ridesharing driver:

  • The driver’s insurance company will likely contact you to ask a few questions.
  • The driver’s insurance company may make you a settlement offer.
  • Or the driver’s insurance company may simply deny your claim altogether.

If any of these scenarios occur, contact our law firm immediately. This is especially true even if the other driver’s insurance company contacts you with a few seemingly innocent questions. Don’t answer them. Anything you say can be used by them to reduce or deny your claim.

We know how to deal with insurance companies, ridesharing companies and the aggressive attorneys they often hire to defend their actions. We have years of experience negotiating with them after a serious collision. Many agree to cooperate with us. If not, we’re prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf and take them to court.

Demand the justice you deserve. Contact Northern Plains Justice, LLP and schedule your free case evaluation with a Sioux Falls, South Dakota ridesharing accident lawyer who puts your needs first. Talk to an attorney at Northern Plains Justice, LLP.