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Truck Accident Lawyers Who Will Fight for Underride Accident Victims

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Underride accidents happen when a passenger vehicle gets crushed under the rear or side of a tractor trailer. The raised design of the trailer allows just enough room for a passenger vehicle to fit underneath while sheering the roof off the vehicle. These types of truck accidents are devastating and rarely survivable. But even crash victims who survive often end up suffering severe injuries, some which can cause lifelong complications.

The truck accident attorneys at Northern Plains Justice, LLP understand the pain and suffering caused by underride accidents; the inability to enjoy life because of permanent disabilities or the loss of a loved one. Our Sioux Falls legal team has years of experience and legal knowledge, we can launch an investigation and be ready to take on the trucking company and their insurance providers – and we have the case results to prove it.

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Factors leading to an underride accident

The leading factors that lead to underride accidents often include:

  • Truck company either didn’t install reflective tape or didn’t maintain it: Since most underride accidents happen at night, truck companies are expected to ensure their tractor trailers are highly visible.
  • No underride guards were installed on the tractor trailer: Underride guards are designed to prevent passenger vehicles from getting crushed under the trailer. Some trucks are equipped with underride guards, but lawmakers are calling for all truck companies to install them.
  • Truck driver pulls out into traffic: When a truck driver makes a negligent left turn and cuts off on-coming traffic, passenger vehicles can crash on either side. If a truck driver makes a negligent right turn, an underride accident can happen at the tractor trailer.
  • Truck driver comes to a sudden stop: Large trucks usually take longer to slow down or stop than passenger vehicles. However, when a truck makes an unexpected stop, under some circumstances, an underride crash can occur at the rear of the trailer. Slippery road conditions or poor visibility can be contributing factors.
  • Hazardous weather or poor visibility: Slippery road conditions caused by winter weather can make it difficult to stop, especially if a truck unexpectedly pulls out into traffic or stops. Slippery conditions can also cause a jackknife truck accident, which can create conditions for an underride crash. Poor visibility caused by heavy rain and thick fog can often contribute to underride crashes.

Complex case calls for an experienced attorney

Unlike an accident between two passenger vehicles, the number of parties involved in an underride truck accident can make things very complex. You’re not just dealing with another driver and his or her insurance company. You’re dealing with a truck company that will often launch its own investigation using its own team of investigators and adjusters.

Multiple insurance companies can also be involved, as the cab, trailer and cargo are often insured separately. Since large trucks are a liability for insurance companies, trucking companies often pay very high premiums. With so much is at stake, truck companies will often go to great lengths to deny any wrongdoing on their part or the part of their drivers. Insurance companies will also try to keep their costs down. They may offer a quick settlement in hopes to make your claim disappear, but it rarely covers the cost of your medical bills and loss of wages.

That’s why an underride accident calls for the legal advocacy of an experienced truck accident attorney. We can fight to hold negligent truck drivers, truck companies and their insurance providers accountable for your pain and suffering. If you lost a loved one due to an underride accident, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim, in which you’ll be entitled to compensation on behalf of the crash victim.

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