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Truck rollovers often involve other vehicles on Interstates 229, 29 and 90 in South Dakota. A truck that loses its center of gravity can end up sideswiping or crushing nearby vehicles. Cargo can spill out on the roads, creating a hazard for oncoming traffic. The damage caused by a rollover can result in days or weeks of cleanup and numerous injuries to other motorists.

These accidents are almost always caused by negligence. The legal team at Northern Plains Justice, LLP knows how to handle claims stemming from a truck rollover accident. We know how to hold negligent truck drivers and their companies accountable for the injuries they caused you. And our Sioux Falls truck accident attorneys have the case results to prove it. Learn more about how we can help you. Contact us today so we can discuss your options.

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Who is responsible for a truck rollover accident?

The cause of truck rollover accidents can be attributed to the driver, the truck company or the company responsible for loading the cargo. Naturally when a truck approaches a curve or makes a turn, the centrifugal force pulls away from the truck’s center of gravity. But certain conditions can maximize that force, causing the truck to rollover.

The causes of a truck rollover accident often include:

  • Improper loading: When cargo is loaded into a tractor trailer, it should be evenly distributed and balanced. Failure to load cargo correctly can throw the trailer’s center of gravity off, especially if the center of gravity is higher from the ground. Cargo can often shift from side-to-side when a truck driver makes a turn or changes lanes.
  • Negligent driving: Due to the size and weight of large commercial trucks, truckers are expected to drive responsibly. Negligent driving such as abrupt braking, speeding around curves, swerving too quickly or driving at an unreasonable speed during slippery road conditions, can result in a rollover accident.
  • Poor maintenance or truck defects: Truck rollovers can be caused by brake failure, tire blowouts and loose wheels. That’s why truck companies are required to ensure their vehicles are safe to drive.
  • Inclement weather: Snow, ice, sleet, heavy rain and high winds call for reduced speeds. But when a truck driver speeds or drives erratically during inclement weather, the trucks center of gravity can be disrupted – especially if the truck is carrying a heavy cargo load.

Our legal team can investigate

Truck rollover accidents can involve multiple parties. Other motorists can be injured by the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck. This means multiple insurance companies, including the truck company’s insurance provider, could be involved. Despite who was at fault for causing a truck rollover accident, the truck company will stop at nothing to deny any wrongdoing. They may launch an investigation using their own team of adjusters and attorneys. They may event try to pin the blame on you. But you shouldn’t have to face the burden of large medical bills, lost wages and further suffering.

That’s why you should never attempt to handle a truck rollover accident without the legal advocacy of an experienced truck accident attorney. The legal team at Northern Plains Justice, LLP  can investigate your crash to find out who was responsible. We can aggressively negotiate with the truck company’s insurance carrier. And if they refuse to pay the full extent of your losses, we can take them to trial.

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