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Most of the sea of people “excited to announce!” their new jobs on January 2nd will be headed to work on just another Monday a few weeks in, wondering if they made the right decision. Gallup research tells us that 80% of workers are disengaged at work, and likely will be in 2023.

NPJ Winter 2023 Newsletter 



  • The Value of Being Purpose Driven

According to Professor Anthony L. Burrow, a sense of purpose provides us with stability, even when confronted with the ups and downs of life.

  • Crash Course

No one has ever accused medical care of being inexpensive. With inflation at 40-year highs, staffing shortages, and employee burnout affecting hospitals as much as the rest of the business world, costs will continue to climb.

  • Tell Me Your Story

    by Guest Author Lorene Posegate

Begin by thinking of your story. What experiences made you the person you are today? Today is a great time to stop, reflect, sit with your feelings, respond to what you are trying to say to yourself, and then determine what action to take. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen easily for most of us. We are running like crazy to catch the next part of today’s busy schedule.


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