After an accident, you might think you won't have trouble filing an insurance claim and receiving a fair settlement. Think again. Insurance companies sometimes don't play by the rules. Instead of holding up their side of an agreement, some insurers do everything they can to deny or reduce accident claims.

Insurance companies are supposed to play by the rules. When they don't, it's called "insurance bad faith"—and it's not right. That's why we proudly work with injury victims throughout South Dakota who are having trouble getting the money they rightfully deserve for their accident.

At Northern Plains Justice, our bad faith insurance lawyers know how to take on insurance companies to hold them accountable for their actions. Our lawyers have decades of experience investigating bad faith claims involving all types of insurance, including policies for homeowners, disability, long-term care, health, and life insurance, and much more. We know how to successfully sue for breach of contract if your insurance company has treated you unfairly.

What Does it Mean for an Insurance Company to Act in Bad Faith?

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Insurance bad faith claims are based on the principle that insurance contracts contain an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing on the part of both parties. The following are a few examples of insurance companies acting in bad faith:

Not investigating a claim properly

Causing a delay in payment

Refusing to pay a claim without good reason

Interpreting policy language in an unreasonable manner

Please note that a difference of opinion does not constitute insurance bad faith unless the company refuses to provide evidence to support its decision regarding the validity of the claim. Genuine mistakes also do not constitute bad faith unless the company refuses to correct the mistake once they are made aware of the issue.

Contact an Experienced Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Today

Insurance bad faith cases might seem straightforward. Your insurance company refused to pay your claim without any justification or broke the law in some way. Therefore, you can take legal action against the company.

Unfortunately, such cases are rarely simple. That's because insurance companies usually deny any wrongdoing. They also hire entire teams of attorneys to defend their best interests. These lawyers may have years of experience handling such complex cases. That's why it's all but impossible to win without having a lawyer on your side.

You need to make sure you hire an attorney who fully understands the laws governing insurance companies, particularly in South Dakota. The insurer may have violated the state's Unfair Claims Practices Act by acting in bad faith. Our attorneys know how to respond to such actions and have years of experience successfully taking legal action against insurance companies. That's why we're eager to meet with you.

Remember, you didn't do anything wrong. You purchased insurance for protection. You expect to be compensated when you file a claim. Instead, the insurer is failing to honor its obligations.

At Northern Plains Justice, we believe legal challenges are opportunities to make people's lives better. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.