As a business owner, you wear many hats. However, sioux falls business litigation attorneysthis doesn’t mean you should attempt to resolve a serious business dispute without qualified legal representation. When you’re facing South Dakotalitigation involving former employees, competitors, subcontractors, suppliers, or customers, the experienced business litigation attorneys at Northern Plains Justice are here to help.

Types of Business Litigation Cases Our Sioux Falls, SD Attorneys Handle

Business litigation, also known as commercial litigation, involves every type of dispute that can arise in a business context. A few of the many possible disputes we can handle include:

Breach of contract

When a supplier or subcontractor fails to deliver the goods or services they’ve promised, we can help you take action to protect your business’s interests.

Breach of fiduciary duty

These claims can involve issues such as self-dealing, conflict of interest, failure to provide proper accounting or failure to disclose material facts.

Fraud or deceptive practices

Accusations of dishonesty in representing your products or services must be addressed promptly to protect your company’s reputation.

Partnership disputes

Two people may go into business together with good intentions, but it’s not uncommon for them to eventually disagree about the future of the company.

Real estate and land use litigation

Real estate and land use can present a number of legal complications, but an experienced attorney can protect your interests.

A Proactive Approach to Business Litigation Is Essential

Wanting to keep expenses in check is the hallmark of a fiscally responsible approach to business ownership. Unfortunately, cutting costs by foregoing legal representation can have severe consequences.

If your business is being sued, you definitely need an attorney’s assistance. However, it’s smart to contact a business litigation attorney even if you’re first attempting to resolve an issue through arbitration, negotiation, or mediation. An experienced attorney can make sure your interests are being protected through the process and take the necessary action if you’re unable to reach a satisfactory resolution.

It’s also a good idea to contact an attorney for input whenever you think a situation has the potential to result in a lawsuit—such as when an employee accuses you of discrimination after being terminated or if a customer complains to a manager about the quality of a product. You want to try to address these types of situations before they result in time-consuming and expensive litigation.

Keeping your business on a firm legal foundation is vital. Failing to consult an experienced attorney regarding pending litigation can result in a judgment that literally bankrupts your company. Qualified representation is an investment in you future.

Qualified representation is an investment in your future. Our business litigation attorneys can assist in resolving your legal issue by:

  • Conducting research to develop a comprehensive picture of the situation

  • Identifying relevant case law and precedent

  • Answering any questions you have and explaining your legal options

  • Determining if expert witnesses are required and locating those witnesses

  • Writing briefs for court submission

  • Handling communication with the opposing party on your behalf

  • Representing your interests during pretrial negotiations

  • Presenting your case at trial

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