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South Dakota Speeding Fatalities More Likely on Local Roads Than Highways

Sioux Falls auto accident attorneyAccording to the National Transportation Safety Board, auto accidents involving speeding were responsible for more than 112,500 deaths on U.S roads between 2005 and 2014. This is almost equal to the number of people who died in alcohol-related car accidents during that same time period.

The fact is that speeding has not received anywhere near the attention, media coverage, or activism afforded to the campaign against drunk driving. Speeding does not face the same social stigma that has helped to curb drunk driving in recent years. This is puzzling when you consider that in a speeding-related crash, victims are more likely to sustain serious - or fatal - injuries.

To learn more about South Dakota speed regulations, they are outlined here in S.D.C.L. 32-35.

Tackling the Problem, One Speeder at a Time

So what can be done to address the problem of speeding? First, it is important to know where the problem is most pervasive. Consumer Affairs reports that speeding-related fatalities are more than three times more likely to occur on local roads than on highways. Because of this, the National Transportation Safety Board is encouraging state, county, municipal, and other local governments to set and enforce stricter speeding laws. State laws can help address the problem on a regulatory level.   

But real change will not occur until drivers accept personal responsibility for safe driving behaviors. This is the very reason why photo enforcement is so effective: it holds drivers accountable for their speed. It is important for drivers to always be aware and cautious of their speed.

Passengers should take it upon themselves to speak up when they notice a driver's speed is excessive. While this can be an uncomfortable discussion, it is one that can save lives. Grassroots movements have been incredibly effective at targeting the problem of drunk driving, and the same methods can be used to address speeding-related accidents. Consider joining a local advocacy group or campaigning to local politicians.

Teens, in particular, must establish safe driving habits early. Parents should make sure that their teens always follow laws pertaining to speeding, distracted driving, passenger occupancy, and other important safety rules. For more seasoned drivers, it is never too late to re-examine driving habits and commit to safer behavior on the road. 

After any auto accident, make sure you contact an experienced Sioux Falls car accident attorney. You have legal rights which must be protected, and it is important to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions, so that the roads of South Dakota can be made safer for everyone.

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