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Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Who Aren’t Afraid to Fight for You

Helpful advice from our Sioux Falls law firm that will get results

Insurance companies can make life complicated for injury victims after an accident. Instead of working with people to make sure they receive the compensation and assistance they need, adjusters might deny a claim or delay payment. In some cases, insurance companies engage in illegal behavior and act in bad faith.

Even when you think the insurance company is being cooperative, they still may be taking advantage of you. Maybe you've received a quick offer from a friendly-sounding adjuster. That offer might seem like a great solution at first. But more often than not, most insurance company settlement offers don't even come close to covering the true, long-term financial impact of most accidents.

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That's why we want to help. The insurance bad faith attorneys at Northern Plains Justice, LLP, believe accident victims deserve to be fairly compensated in a timely manner. Uncooperative insurance companies don't intimidate us. They inspire us to work harder for our clients. We believe in justice, and our Sioux Falls legal team is eager to work with you. Contact our office today.

Tips for dealing with insurance companies after your accident

The following advice from our bad faith insurance lawyers is based on years of dealing with insurance companies on behalf of accident victims. Specific advice will vary from case to case. That's why we strongly urge you to schedule a free consultation with our law firm right away.

  • File your accident claim as soon as possible - The longer you wait, the harder it can be to find the evidence you need to succeed. That's why we want to start investigating your claim as soon as possible.
  • Don't talk with insurance adjusters - Anything you say could be used to deny or diminish your claim. Allow us to speak to them on your behalf. We know all the tricks insurance companies use to keep money out of people's pockets.
  • Ask for everything in writing - If an insurance agent or investigator makes a promise to do something or pay a certain amount of money, demand that they put their offer in writing so we can review it with you - and hold them to it.
  • Get their full names and phone numbers - If someone from an insurance company does contact you and starts asking questions, ask for their full name and the best number to reach them at. That way, we can contact them directly on your behalf.
  • Write it down - Each time you deal with an insurance company after your accident, write down everything they said to you as soon as possible. Also make sure to write down the exact date and time of the phone call or email. Print out all emails as well.
  • Hire a lawyer - Even if you believe the insurance company is playing fair with you, get a second opinion. Contact Northern Plains Justice, LLP. We can review your settlement offer or allegations of wrongdoing and offer you our honest advice. We're on your side.

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