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Mount Rushmore Traveler Injuries

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Millions of people visit Mount Rushmore every year. Carved into the granite rock in South Dakota's Black Hills, this iconic sculpture depicts the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Some people come to watch the sunrise cast its red glow on the presidents' faces. Other come to see the often-dramatic sunsets here or all four faces illuminated at night by artificial lights or by the glow of the moon or fireworks.

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Many people from across the country and around the world drive to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the most visited tourist site in South Dakota. Depending on where people are coming from, many take Interstate 90 to scenic Route 16A to get here. Others take Route 244 or Route 40 to reach this popular landmark. Many visitors also combine a trip to Mount Rushmore with a visit to the Crazy Horse Memorial, the town of Deadwood or Badlands National Park to see the unique, rugged rock formations.

How did your car accident happen?

With so many vehicles on the road at the same time, car accidents are bound to happen. That's why it's critical that you have a South Dakota law firm on your side if you've been involved in a crash. At Northern Plains Justice, LLP, we have a well-earned reputation for winning tough legal cases involving serious car accidents. Our car accident attorneys have years of experience working with people injured in serious accidents throughout the state.

Accidents happen for many reasons near Mount Rushmore. Rear-end collisions often occur because drivers are paying more attention to the scenery around them than the cars in front of them. Other times, speeding is a factor since some drivers are trying to get to the national park as fast as possible. Many out-of-state drivers may not be used to the higher speed limits in this state and end up causing accidents.

Whatever the cause of your crash, you need to take legal action as soon as possible. And even if you're from another state, it's important to have a South Dakota lawyer working for you who knows the laws and understands how the legal system works here.

"Why do I need a lawyer after an accident near Mount Rushmore?"

Depending on where your accident took place, state or federal laws could apply. Since Mount Rushmore is located in a facility operated by the National Park Service, federal laws apply. However, if your accident occurred in Keystone or elsewhere in Pennington County, South Dakota's traffic laws would apply to your accident.

Your case can become even more complicated if you were injured while traveling on a tour bus taking you to or from Mount Rushmore. If the bus driver fell asleep at the wheel or the bus had mechanical problems, all of these issues need to be factored in when dealing with the aftermath of your accident.

Our car accident attorneys understand how the legal system works in South Dakota. Many of our attorneys were born and raised here and have practiced law in the state for years. There's no substitute for experience, no substitute for success. Give your case an edge. Contact Northern Plains Justice, LLP and schedule a free case evaluation today.

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