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What You Should Do if You Suffered a Head Injury in a Car Accident

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A head or brain injury is one of the most common injuries a person can suffer in a car accident. Even if you buckle your seatbelt, follow the rules of the road and consider yourself a safe driver it’s no guarantee you won’t sustain a life-changing traumatic brain injury, or TBI, in a car crash through no fault of your own.

The symptoms of a brain injury, which can range from headaches to loss of consciousness, can be devastating and permanent. They might cause victims pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages and result in astronomical medical expenses. If you were injured in an accident because someone else was irresponsible, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help.

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After a car crash you should seek immediate medical attention. Not only is this critical for your health, it’s an important step to take because it creates a record of your injuries in case you decide to file a claim.

Bills and medical expenses can start to pile up when you’re hurt and trying to recover, and that can become overwhelming. That doesn’t mean you need to figure things out by yourself.

A car accident lawyer from our Sioux Falls law firm at Northern Plains Justice, LLP has the experience and knowledge to investigate the crash that caused your head or brain injury. Our legal team has extensive experience winning cases in South Dakota and we know what it takes to build a strong claim.

Did a car crash give you a TBI or concussion?

A TBI, or traumatic brain injury, occurs when someone suffers a forceful blow to the head that causes brain dysfunction. As you can imagine, this type of brain injury often happens in car accidents when drivers or passengers have their heads violently slammed into steering wheels, windows, dashboards or any other object. This can lead to swelling, tearing, bruising or bleeding of the brain. These injuries can be serious and may affect people of all ages in different ways, depending on the severity.

Symptoms of a TBI may include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Headaches that come and go or worsen
  • Vomiting/Nausea
  • Confusion/Disorientation
  • Memory Loss
  • Problems concentrating
  • Loss of balance and coordination
  • Slurred speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing ears
  • Irritability from light and sound
  • Problems sleeping
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Clear fluid leaking from the nose or ear

A concussion is the most common form of a TBI. While a concussion can be classified as a mild TBI, the symptoms a victim experiences after a car accident may be serious ─ and sometimes permanent. Repeat concussions can cause complications and sometimes permanent brain damage.

While some concussions don’t result in any symptoms at all, symptoms often include:

  • Memory loss
  • Headaches
  • Problems concentrating
  • Balance and coordination issues
  • Blurry vision
  • Slurring of speech
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Impaired judgment
  • Difficulties with sleep
  • Slow or delayed reactions

A car accident lawyer can get you compensation for your head injury

If you’ve been in a car accident that resulted in a blow to the head it’s important to act fast, as you may have suffered a brain injury. While you might think your symptoms aren’t severe or serious because you’re only experiencing mild headaches, this could be a red flag. Your health and well-being should be your top priority, so it’s important to seek immediate medical attention after your crash.

When you’ve sustained a head or brain injury in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence you should be focused on one thing ─ your recovery. Worrying about how you’re going to pay your medical expenses or having to deal with car insurance companies should be the last thing on your mind.

A car insurance company will often try to get you to accept a lowball offer because they only care about their bottom line. You have rights, and we care about protecting your rights. You need to act swiftly, however, because the longer you wait to get help, the more things can change. Evidence can disappear. Witnesses can change their stories. Other drivers may even try to pin the blame on you. Let us get to work for you to help make things right.

A Sioux Falls car accident lawyer at Northern Plains Justice, LLP has the knowledge and experience to get you the financial compensation you deserve.  Contact us now for a free consultation.

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